What’s New?

Howdy Folks!

I know things have been mighty quiet lately on the front side of things so I wanted to touch base with some new things we are working on behind the scenes.

  • A new addition to the TDM stable of sites — TDM Gaming / Two Dudes Gaming.  This network is going to be the main community that all of our games rotate around.  You can check out the early site at [TDM Gaming].
  • A Minecraft Server!  You can check out the page for this [TDM Gaming Minecraft].
    • 10 Player Server
    • Running Spigot
    • DynMap!
  • Our Ark Server page has finally been made!  You can find it at [TDM Gaming Ark].
  • Forums for above games

All the above sites are still in development and probably have broken links and things don’t quite work as intended so please be patient with us.

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